John Weiley: Short Bio

John Weiley has directed and produced work for more kinds of screen and more formats than perhaps any living producer. From 16mm black and white and 35mm Cinemascope to 70mm Showscan, IMAX, IMAX 3D, HD digital widescreen and full dome; film and television, documentary, drama, feature film and event and destination cinema. He has had some success with this approach; for example his IMAX documentary ANTARCTICA grossed more than one hundred million dollars and his 3D IMAX art film imagine! is widely considered the exemplar of creative expression in that format.

This disregard for traditional boundaries is reflected in the SPAA itself. When John was elected president it was called the Film and Television Producers' Association of Australia. He changed the name to the Screen Producers' Association of Australia to reflect a wider vision. This included a vision of SPAA engaged more widely; as President John co-authored the 10BA film investment incentives and initiated the SPAA conference.

John's career has encompassed the building of the largest screen on Earth at the Sydney IMAX theatre and a number of groundbreaking recent productions, from a giant-screen digital exploration of our Sun to commercials for the anti-war movement. His fascination with esoteric material and screen technologies is unabated to this day.

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