"Antarctica" is a unique 40 minute motion picture that portrays the history, science, delicate ecology and awsome beauty of Antarctica - the world's southernmost continent. For the first time in history the mysterious icy expanse of the highest, driest and coldest continent has been captured in the giant screen format. The film takes viewers to the home of penguins, seals and the other exotic life forms and also focuses on the activities conducted at many scientific research stations established by countries from around the world.

A Heliograph production directed and produced by John Weiley, "Antarctica" continues to set records world wide. Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry was the executive producer and co-financed the film, and now acts as its distributor.

John Weiley's film "Antarctica"... is a breathtaking and unique experience and a real cinematic treasure.... nothing like "Antarctica" has ever been seen before.
The Los Angeles Times

John Weiley's "Antarctica" seamlessly combines information and artistry... But Weiley and his team also provide the surreal, the mystical and the utterly amazing.
The Chicago Tribune

Antarctica is... jaw droppingly beautiful and staggeringly frightful, this hale and hearty cinematic trip is a bracing experience... to us professional movie goer types the first instinct is to say ILM sure did a good job on the special effects here, so inspiring is this ice world view and so astonishing is the jeopardy of the camera crew.
Hollywood Reporter

From the shots of the antics of the penguins to its amazing footage of under ice explorations accompanied by poetic yet spare narration, this movie is astounding.
Toronto Star

Rated Film Pick of the Week in preference to all major Hollywood films released at the time.
Los Angeles Weekly