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The 3D IMAX film "Imagine!" made by John Weiley for the Korea Expo was a major hit : it recorded 900,000 attendances in 90 days in one theatre at the expo - i.e a full house twenty five times every day for three months.

"Imagine!" - which Weiley described as "a playful film about perception" was the third film to be made in the Imax 3D giant screen process.

At the US premiere screening at an international convention in Galveston Texas "Imagine!" was greeted with an uproarious standing ovation that continued until the projectionists agreed to screen the film all over again. "This has never happened before in the history of the convention" said Mike Day, President of the International Space Theatres Consortium, which hosts the annual gathering of industry professionals involved in the production and exhibition of giant screen and special venue films.

The maker of this film has conceived a completely staggering experience. Using an amazing kaleidoscope of techniques he allows the viewer to experience directly the mysteries of the visual sense. Like an homage to Marshall McLuhan the medium blends perfectly with the message.
Journal de Montreal

It is Alice in a Post-Modern Wonderland that links the passion of Doctor Frankenstein with the humor of the Marx Brothers....Great! We want more!
Le Devoir

Absolutely mind boggling and wonderful!
Douglas Trumbull, Special effects designer for "2001, A Space Odyssey" & "Back To The Future - The Ride".

It's beautiful, hilarious, moving and mind blowing all at once: Something else entirely! ... I was completely blown away!
Ron Fricke Maker of the 70mm film "Baraka"