About Heliograph

Heliograph is an international specialist firm which creates astonishing visual experiences. Heliograph is led by John Weiley: writer, producer and director of world-leading films in IMAX® IMAX®3D, High Definition Digital and a number of other formats. Weiley established the Sydney IMAX® theatre, which contains the world's largest cinema screen. Heliograph has 30 years experience in the creation and distribution of Giant Screen films.

In 2002 John Weiley was invited to become a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences – a rare honour for an Australian film maker.

His election honoured an exceptional body of work in television and feature film production and for the giant screen including his remarkable Antarctica, one of a tiny handful of theatrical documentaries to have grossed in excess of $100M at the box office.

His most recent giant screen film, the theatrical documentary Solarmax was described by one critic as "The finest science documentary on any subject I've ever seen" - not his first critical superlative - The Times described his BBC film on the British press as "The best film on the subject ever made". His feature film work has ranged from the broad slapstick musical comedy of Dimboola to the AFI Award-winning experimental "lesbian feminist psychodrama" of Journey Among Women.

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